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Run an X-Ray on your pharmacy operations

Are you putting out the same “staff and organizational fires” over and over again?

Do you have processes and procedures driving optimal patient and financial outcomes at all levels of your pharmacy?

How are you monitoring and measuring these outcomes to ensure your expectations, as an owner, are being met?

Our tool for running an X-Ray on your pharmacy assess and diagnoses areas you need to focus on and allows you to compare your pharmacy with your peers.

Take the 15 minutes HPF assessment today on your phone, tablet, or computer!

High Performance Framework Assessment TM

Our assessment tool, like an x-ray, lets you see below the surface of your pharmacy for a better understanding of the root causes behind all operational issues.

The assessment tool can be used by all management and staff to gain a deeper understanding of the six areas of organizational performance. It provides insight into the targeted training and improvements that will stabilize the foundation of your pharmacy and empower optimal growth and patient outcomes.
We focus on 6 areas
- Identify how leadership is acting to clearly communicate and manage their staff

- Identify if employees clearly understand of their responsibilities and have the training they need
- Assess processes to standardize operations, sales and customer services

- Evaluate marketing strategy and service tactics to enhance sales
- Identify profitability gaps

- Identify and address service, management and administrative gaps

Your Investment

Identify your pharmacy gaps in the six core areas
Identify your pharmacy gaps in the six core areas. Receive a feedback session with our experts